Group History Form

“Whenever a society or civilization perishes there is always one
condition present; they forgot where they came from.”-Carl Sandberg

Area 59 Group History Form

 Current Group name

 Group Number    District

 1. When was the Group started?

 2. Who were the early members? Who started this group?

 3. Why was the group started? (Did it begin because of a split from the
 parent group? Because of some unresolved dispute among members?
 Because there was a need for a different type of meeting in your area?....and
 so forth.

 4. Where were the first meetings held? How often did the group meet?
 Where does the group meet now?

 5. What kind of meetings were held? Have there been changes in the type of
 meeting your group holds?


 6. Have any groups split off from your group? Details?

 7. Has the group changed its name over the years? If so, why?

 8. Has membership grown/changed over the years? Has the group added
 additional weekly meetings?

 9. Did the group encounter any special challenges or growing pains? (These
 can be anything from changes in meeting place, meeting format, personal
 conflicts too many or too few in attendance, those with problems other than
 alcohol, etc.)


 10. Are there any amusing stories or anecdotes about your group’s
 beginnings and subsequent growth? (Sometimes these incidents give the
 group its unique flavor, and set it apart special for us.)

 These questions are guidelines for a Group History. Please compile your
 group’s information on a separate sheet of white paper suitable for
 permanent archive records. This electronic copy of your group history is being
 sent to the Area Archivist for the Area Archives. You should make and retain
 copies for your Group’s and District's records.

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